Map won't compile an updated version after adding a bunch of subdivided displacements

Now, I’ve already posted this in the question megathread, 4 hours ago. And my problem is still unsolved. So I went ahead and made a big subdivision tunnel, and now my map won’t update.

I can tell it’s the problem with this because when I remove it, the map updates again. I’ve looked high and low on how to solve this but I can’t find anything that helps. So, anybody here have any ideas? Thanks!

can you post your compile from when it don’t update

Come on man it’s obvious you have a leak :)! Should be easy to fix. Click “map>load point file” on the top toolbar and a red line will appear somewhere in you level that shows you were you world can “flow” into the void. Thats why you can the area portal errors in your compile aswell.

Oh and you should never have a massive skybox surrounding your level for final compile!! This should be just for testing

The leak should definitely be fixed, but this is the error that’s preventing the BSP from updating:

Bad surface extents - surface is too big to have a lightmap
material ICEWORLD/ICEPANEL around point (-6784.0 -6720.0 -448.0)
(dimension: 1, 136>126)

You should either split those displacements into more parts or increase the lightmap scale on them.

That was it, thank you!