Map won't compile

First, I’d like to say this is NOT the releases OR requests section, but IS the mapping section. Don’t complain about how it should be moved.

I’ve started an island-ish flatgrass-style map and I’m trying to compile it to test the lighting and see if I fucked over the spawns by mass-turning them (usually when I try to manipulate several objects at once like physboxes it’ll blow up in my face). When I get five seconds into compiling there’s an error message that says “Windows could not find the specified file. Cancel operation?” Both the yes and no options will cancel it. Fuck that.

Can anyone load it up into hammer and see if they can’t compile it? As far as I know there’s no leak, nothing is out of the ordinary (except maybe some arches and my optimization) and I’m using nothing but default textures.

That’s the .vmf, fire away.

Also, if the water texture doesn’t show for you, feel free to ‘fix’ it, just as long as it’s with another water texture. The one I used for the first compile (tried 3 times) I got from here:

I’m using the Episode 2 Hammer.

post your compile log…


looking at the VMF, right off the bat it tells me that there are 10 invalid solids, all of which are on your corners. Now looking at the corners, I can tell you that you are indeed, doing it wrong.

Also, you might want to drag your water down to the bottom of the map.

I’ve already loaded it up and seen it fuck with my curves. I’ve made a few changes to it already, which means I should probably update the DL, but can’t be bothered to right this instant.

I just want to know if anyone else can compile it. I don’t know if Steam was just on the pot or what.

I’m also going to optimize the map. Remember that when using vertex manipulation, you should ALWAYS press “Yes” when it asks you if you want to merge faces for a triangular brush.


ok, map is optimized, textures are aligned, it compiles just fine. I also changed the stairs a bit to go with what I thought of the intended style of the map.