Map wont remove from my server

Hi all,

For some reason I have a map on my server that I want to remove but I have removed it from the addon collection and it just won’t remove, the other maps have removed fine but this one wont budge, am I missing something?

Also, about… I’d say… 1 in 20 people get “Map is missing” when joining and then they can join fine after retrying, or is that a client problem?

Thanks for any help

Check your server’s map folder, you might have manually added the map and forgotten.

As for the map missing error I think it’s just due to client connection issues, if players can download the map fine after reconnecting then it’s not an issue with the server.

It may be a client problem but if you have Workshop DL set up make sure the workshop ID of the map is in the workshop.lua

Thanks for the replies.

Yeah, I’ve checked in the maps folder on both the server and on FastDL server and nothing is there, also nothing in addons folder o.o it’s so weird!

As for the Workshop ID suggestion, I did that before then later removed it since it made clients download all maps at once and then the loading time was too long.

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I’ve just realised I might of posted this in the wrong forum section D: I just saw it says if you have problems with playing gmod. Sorry! :frowning:

Have you got any .gma file on the addons folder? If i remember properly, they automatically mounted as they’ve been recently moved to another folder.