Map wont show up?

Ok im not right down new to Source SDK. But when I try to play it the map is not showing up in the list. I have checked and there are no spaces in the name, There is a skybox, I compiled it, And I moved the .bsp to the garrysmod/maps folder. I still dont know why it doesnt work. Anyone have any idea why?

periods (".") might mess it up as well. Try typing “map <map name here>” without quotes and see if that works.

There are no periods either, I just called it “The_Map” Just as a random name so when I finish it I will rename it. So I still dont know why its not showing up.

Did you try what I suggested above?

Yes, And I found out I had to put the .bsp in the garrysmod/garrysmod/maps file.


I got it to work and when I tried to edit the problems and glitches, When compiling it froze on Face lights… Something like that… And I had to close it and and restart my computer for Source SDK to work again.