Map zise

Will we have a big map in the sbox, the limit of maps will increase?

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im gonna be honest, there are multiple threads about this

but atm i dont think so from what i have heard and seen as of recent, although that was one of the things garry said he wanted to do.

so maybe in the future, but that could change who knows, i will edit this with the thread involving this.

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For future reference: S&Box FAQ

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@TankNut i think they will change it.

that was the one i was gonna post, ahahah
but yeah that thread is hella useful for basic questions, if there isnt anything on there try search it and someone may have brought it up before or answered it.
if not then you ideally would create a thread if its not been brought up before.

but it is a fair question.

So there did not explain whether there will be big map or not.

So is it yes or no?

look through it it has it on there



Q: How many players can the game handle? What about map sizes?

A: image
A: image
A: image

At the moment both player and map size limits are the same as Source 1 (128 players and a max map size of 32768^3 units) but these limits are planned to be increased. This is not an easy process though.

EDIT: You little shit

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i have a feeling that there will be a s&box steam update for bigger maps once it’s launched.