does this thing even work anymore? i havent talked to anyone who has gotten it to work. my mapping guy that teaches me everything i need to know (hes worked with source for 15 years) and he has never used it, i could use it occasionaly for ragdolls. thanks!

also yeah, map_edit for mapping. not for nodes. i mean updating entities pos. the game or hammer just crashes. it usualy just doesnt work, and in csgo mostly crashes.

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also throw whatever mapping terms at me, i probably know them

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nah fuck it no one responded

You didnt even wait 24 hours for a response

I don’t know about other games, but it always works for me in HL2: Episode Two.


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doesnt work for any games ive tried, dod:s, hl2:dm, gmod, csgo, css

I’ve used it once in CS:GO just to see it in action. It worked, but was a little finicky.

Also how has your guy worked with Source for 15 years when it’s only been out for 12.

  1. and i couldnt get it to work.

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gold source bruh