Mapper for hire

Hi, I’m renting a mapper for my project RP, Payment will be given, but the price we in PM email, What I want for the map is as follows

You should not use you out, HL2 stuff to remap with only garry’s mod & CSS.
Are things I have not written up but I will edit and add, expecting me to the folder will take up to 1 month, I do not want a lazy mapper working 1 hour per day, he must be Active, Want it so good possible, we will add more than 10 jobs! Do you have any ideas on how to get jobs, write it, have no idea how they will get them, Npc or vote, No thanks, some better suggestions? Write them!


Carbon_95 @Steam @Email
PM me else, Remember to tell me info about you and send me media !

You should say how much you are going to pay in the thread, so people know if it’s worth bothing to contact you.

I can say max 200 dollars, Maybe litle more.

Please try to use proper grammar in your post, it’s easier to understand, and you’ll be taken more seriously.

Maybe English isn’t his first language.

Besides, based on what you want, it’s unlikely someone will do it all for $200.

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200 dollars for a complete RP map? Even working at minimum wage, no way that amount is big enough for the amount of time it would take.

I don’t think all those things would even fit in a single map. You only have half a mile cubed.

Evocity. Although that literally pushed the limits to the max, so it’d be quite difficult to make something of that size.

I do have to say though, after countless map requests, I have to ask. Why does everyone always have to require money for their services? It’s literally the first thing said in a reply, and most of the time sparks debate and argument rather than ideas. I know that the reason is because you’d be going out of your way to make the map. There’s only a select few people I’ve seen willing to help without asking for money, as well as select people who ONLY do it for money, no matter the scale.

Not that I’m saying it’s wrong for people to ask it, but it just seems that nobody every takes these things as a new map idea, or a way to improve, or a way to help the community. I’ve helped people out before in making a map for their server and gamemode, no charge. I saw it as helping someone out that wants to be different but lacks the skills by themselves to pull it of. It’s all about collaboration. You can’t really make a unique server on your own, unless you invest unbelievable amounts of time on it.

That being said, not a single person is at fault, and I’m totally fine with people asking for money as compensation for the work spent on a map. Just me throwing something in that I’ve been noticing.

I’d like to help also, but making a map of that scale is not something I’d be skilled enough to do, along with a majority of the mappers on here, unless they spend a long long time on it. You should think about prioritizing some aspects of the map, and think of a way to fit what you want on a smaller scale, but with still enough size to RP. That is, unless there’s some sort of collaboration of a few mappers who make certain aspects of a map and then everything gets merged together.

If you can figure that out, I’d be happy to help.

I think that if someone shows up out of nowhere and has a map request, they should at least acknowledge that they’re likely to pay for the mapper’s time. But somebody might think “hey i like this map idea” and will make it for either a low price or free. The reason people ask for what payment quite soon is, I think, to work out how much the OP wants the map. You could make a request thread, someone would spend months making it and then at the end you could say “i don’t want this anymore but i forgot to contact you, instead i want something else”. If they’re willing to pay for the mapper’s time, they’re showing that they appreciate the effort it requires for someone to create what they want and that they’re willing to wait for them to finish the map to it’s fullest.

For example, a guy on my friendslist just asked me to make him a map for SFM. He’s made impossible requests from me before, but today he asked for a highly-detailed map with a street, a parking lot, a pizzeria, a fight stadium and a training center. He expected me to create this for £50. I explained that if I’m going to spend my free time making a map for somebody else that I barely know with a lot of detail, he should at least offer a higher payment and he understood.

However, some people on here might disagree, which happens often. “why should i pay [dosh] for a virtual game level that’s too much”. Lots of times, they don’t realize they’re not paying for the map (which is illegal anyway), they’re actually paying for the time it took for the mapper to create it. A lot of effort goes into making these big requests, which is why it’s not often that you’ll see someone accept a request and actually create a high-quality map.

So why do we ask for an incentive for our maps? Well, we didn’t create this map to purely give to the community out of our own personal interest, we spent lots of our free time and energy building and refining a random stranger’s wish.

Hello, Is a bit tired but get to take and write a little, most have English as a first language, I have my second language it, People have a hard and take what I say, but I care not so much, I want to type only everything to work, I spend, Or I’ll help the guy who will pay anything to get a perfect server for our up coming projects, of course needed a team, but it is like this, we will open up multiple servers, in order to get them coded, they cost money, unfortunately I can not put more than 200 on a map Becomes too much for everything, everything everything I expect can cost more than $ 1,500, but yes, I like to set people up to get more respect and do so people it may be more fun, can you grafich, Model, Mapping, be good and contact me, prices and stuff, we can talk about it, would you not have paid, Respect & helpful, but aja, all want of course to have money, it is their choice, if they have time or not, do they accept this, they do, they do not want, so do not care about them in the course…

Need voices & more help, Add me at steam carbon_95 and we will talk about it… Else i fix 4 mappers or somethng, 50 for each thing idk really…

You’re asking why skilled people (sometimes professionals) would require payment for services rendered? Are you serious?

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[sp]seriously that isn’t even remotely comprehensible[/sp]

Nah, I know. I was just wondering why it ALWAYS has to come down to money. Basically, how so every thread turn into a money issue, when it’s a purely subjective matter. I know people want compensation for their work, and I totally agree, considering said person would be going out of their way to do the request, but what I really meant is that, if that’s what they want, and the OP isn’t offering it, then why rant about it? If someone does not want to pay, or pay less than someone would have hoped for, then why bother?

It just turns it into a “bash OP for not offering enough money for me” thread. If people think it’s stupid to pay people for a map for a virtual game, let them. On the other hand, if someone wants money to make the map, then also let them, but really, if it’s going to turn the thread into a “THAT much for a map? No way!”, “Money or no map!” etc., then said person should just keep it to themselves.

It’s counterproductive to the thread, and shifts focus away from gaining more detail on the project, and from sharing ideas and insight on how the map could/should be made.

My point is that people who don’t want to the map unless they get paid more turn the thread into that, instead of having people who are interested in and what the OP is offering, and that it sort of annoys me how the majority of request threads turn to that.

Once again, I don’t care if people want to get paid for their time working on the map, but if the OP isn’t offering the amount you want, then why say that he isn’t?

I’m not saying that. I get why they would ask for compensation, but what I don’t get is what I just said above.

EDIT: OP, is that you who just added me on Steam?

I did lol

Paul, you’re incredibly right, I agree with you, but it’s unlikely to change because it’s been like that for a while. If you’re serious about making this map for OP, the pair of you can add me and I’ll be glad to help or contribute some assets.

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I don’t know about his mapping, Linox, but paul is great when it comes to artistic vision, he’s helped the atmosphere of my mod so much.