Mapper Hiring Request

Basically need a mapper who could construct maps for myself. Please PM me for extra details. There’s obviously going to be pay, but to how much? I don’t really know, it depends on how much me and my generous other think is viable.

This will be Sci Fi based.

I think I can help you out. Add me on steam, I’ll message you my name.

Already PMed him three weeks ago and didn’t get a response, so don’t get your hopes up :3

Not really an attractive wanted ad when it’s uncertain what maps are wanted and for how much. Similar to a job ad in a newspaper saying:

What ever happened to the days where request threads were required to have rough sketches, reference pictures, more detail, exact payment plans?

To be fair usually those didn’t get done either.

At least the mappers decided why they didn’t want to do it instead of just avoiding it out of uncertainty. :v: