Mapper in progress

Hey, I am trying to learn about mapping, but there’s one thing that bugs me. I’m trying to make some portal maps first, then some underground, then maybe some construct maps.

After that I might start making models. But first thing, whenever I take out my portal gun, this star thing shows up. It bugs me. I’ll try to get a picture soon.

By gefer8 at 2009-08-09

Verify your Portal cache. That looks like the sprite that shows you what colour portal you last shot, but displaced and not to scale.

Where is that portal chache? Directions please?

Right click Portal in Steam. Go to Properties, then click the Local Files tab, then click Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

Hope this works. That star thing really destroys the experience on my soon-created maps.

Another thing, how do I find that portal wall texture? The one that you can put portals on?

Oh, and it didn’t work.

Verifying it won’t fix it alone, it’ll just tell you if your game cache is broken.

If it’s broken it fixes it.

It does, it deletes the affected files and gets steam to redownload them.

So how do I fix it? I tried it and it still didn’t work =(

Is the light you are trying to use a “env_sun” perhaps? What you need is a “light_environment”.

That’s the only possible thing I could think of.

He has no skybox textures, how would he light it with light_env?

Sorry I usually only build outdoor maps so I always have a skybox. I never remember that it requires that specific texture to work.

He should use; light_spot, light, or any other source of light instead. -_- (Besides light_dynamic, as it could be a little expensive ;D)

I take it you haven’t downloaded any custom mods for portal?

That may be true… But I know now that star is suppose to be in that… black spot which makes a light (orange or blue) of the portal you have. One thing though, it shows in the world model. Image soon.

Notice the drawing

By gefer8 at 2009-08-12
When facing down, it goes through me. But it shows properly in world.

By gefer8 at 2009-08-12

Is it only when you have the HEV?

It might be because of what HiddenMyst said. In Portal you don’t see your health which means you’ve probably put down an item_suit.

Did you use impulse101 to get the gun? If that’s the case, it’s usually because you have the gravity gun and the portal gun at the same time, which fucks it up I’ve found.

That might be the solution I need! Or it could be that my maps has no chache


Yea I use impulse101. For now on I use giveweapon_portalgun or somthin’.

Or just place the portalgun entity in your map.

This is simply a bug. The portal flare will be in your face if you get other weapons/HEV suit