Mapper looking for small requests.


Looking for some small map requests from people.
Willing to do anything if enough detail is given.


Someone else done this not so long ago and was fine. So I am doing it too.

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Also I’m not REQUESTING for a map.

“someone else shot a president in the 60s so i am doing it too”

no really though, i was just saying why make a thread here when there’s tons of requests that you could make over there?

Someone else also predicted the word was going to end today… and failed :v:

I know you were just saying man. :3: Well if you think its better in that section then can a Mod please move this?

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Also man, you still run windows XP? :eek:

sorry if i came across as an ass, i just thought that maybe you didnt know about the request section and didn’t know you could look for maps to make there :smile:

and yeah, still cruising on xp. it was a supercomputer (no not really) when it came out… back in like 05… it still works though because i never really play any games with super graphics that require a good computer :v:

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wait how the hell did you know i was on xp??!

Dont be sorry, its fine. Also just because my join date in is April 2011 doesn’t mean I’m new here :3:

Bottom left of posts. Tell you What OS, Browser and Country the user is from.

I don’t really get why it has the user’s browser or OS. Seems pretty unnecessary.


aha i see. the only reason i thought so was because i just found it.

and i didnt think it would matter what country i put in the registration thing, i was going between sweden swaziland and switzerland lol. im actually american.

It’s great, whenever I see someone using IE, I can just ignore them.

What’s with the "Sw"s?

its an old thing between me and my brother because he used to troll anyone who were from sweden switzerland or swaziland and just act like a stupid american who didnt know they were different countries. kind of silly and stupid but its stuck with me :v:

It’s probably used in the Hardware and Software section to make fun of people