Mapper looking for work.

Alright, before I start, tell me if this is in the wrong place. I was thinking there was a ‘Hire/Recruitment’ thread somewhere on here, like in the Lua area, but I had not seen it. If so, please just delete this thread, and I’ll get it. No need for a bad, please. (Wow, that sounded pathetic, XD.)

So, I am looking to map for some extra money at the moment. If your looking for a mapper, just send me a Private Message or email me at . We’ll talk about it from there. Not setting any prices, because different maps need different things. Other then that, please do the above, or comment about stuff. Not really sure how this is going to go over.

P.S: Are you a Lua coder? I am looking for one! Please check the following thread, and scroll down until you see my name! Thanks!

Why not show some of your maps

You could look down the requests section and see if anything catches your eye. Buy i doubt anyone will want to pay you for mapping without any proof you can actually map.

Good point. I’ll add some pictures of maps I made, or just snip the thread and browse. Thanks.

Or snip the thread and browse, please fuck off if you’re going to be like most new members of facepunch that come to the mapping section, “oh I can map and I will make maps for you if you think of an idea, but i’m not going to show you screenshots caues I can’t actually map”

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