Mapper needed for Darkrp community paying $$

Not sure if this is the right place for mapping requests so if not please guide me in the right direction.

A darkrp community is looking for a mapper to do a good edit of bangclaw will be paying cash for the job, if interested drop a reply with your steam details.

NOTE: Vmf was added by the owner of the map to the public, Link below.

What we generally want

  • Extend Residential area
  • improve Parliament
  • Create Warehouse District
  • Change position of Recording Studio
  • Create shop above the Sewer Compound -
  • Improve Police Department (Make tower slightly taller with more rooms and windows, and rooftop access with guardrails, Interior objects)
  • Street objects (Signs, Lightpoles, Speed-bumps, Maybe even Security Checkpoint near the PD)
  • Replace the mall with something else (What do I replace it with?) -
  • New Spawns -
  • Improve the large empty area (Changing to forest and adding small private areas.)
  • Add Cinema
  • Add Marketplace (Stalls with roofs? Small Shacks? Benches?) -
  • Improve the sewer (Reduce the size of the sewer complex?)
  • Day night cycle
  • Map loader (Decrease the fps lag)

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Actually if it was a decompile job I would have said the same, but the author released the vmf and the op even linked it.

I’ll help you out, check your private messages.

edit: I’m out, they want a massive edit and I don’t have the time for that.

I’m in.

Sent you a private message.

Tbh I think you’re wasting your time and money on this.

But I guess if you got the spare cash thats up to you ^^

I don’t want to sound like a jerk but your ideas are quite big and seem impossible to have in a single map.
I’ve edited the quotes and the things in brackets are what I wrote and they are not aimed at you.

The new areas wont create too much lag if the mapper knows how to use areaportals (I think thats what they’re called).

You obviously aren’t a mapper if all you can critique is “more fps lag”.

well i gotta say bang claw is badly optimised already and some places do get hideous fps lag.

The Op linked it after he said that

Ok I am good at building and maping. I have made 4 ttt maps and 1 darkrp add me on steam ‘Vibrios’ I’ll talk to you on there. No need to pay btw

I linked it straight up but any who.

I was merely pointing out the fact that he wants a lot of things added and not so many things removed and also requested a better overall fps.
Or I might be completely in the wrong here cause source engine is known for its big expansive maps with tons of open space and models everywhere.

To OP!

Good luck finding a mapper who can actually pull this off cause it sounds like a feat. I’ll be sure to play on your server if it has the map you are requesting here and it’s fully functional.

The beauty of an RP map is that you aren’t putting models everywhere. Designing one is knowing where to place models, and in what quantity. Since rp players are going to end up cluttering the map with tons and tons of shit anyway, you should err on the conservative side both in order to give them additional flexbility in how they want to decorate their apartment and to save on file size and optimization.

Why not fill in the basic deco for areas. Eg yellow warehouse on downtown, always turns into some uber drugs/printer/awp base with fading doors on every surface. I added some perma props in there and people started hiding stuff in there instead, under cover of a legit business. I found deco really helps, adds places to hide, less space to build fading fortrasses and generally looks better than stuff 12 year olds can build.

Hence why I said:

I never said leave everything empty. Obviously fill out certain buildings with props to give an indication of what he building is supposed to be, and to help them think a bit more creatively in terms of how to use the space.

I don’t want to be “that guy”, but for the love of god don’t call fps lag. It’s called having bad framerate, or a framerate drop.

You must be new to Facepunch. A little guideline is never tell people how awesome of a mapper you are. Show them. We don’t care how many idle hours you have in Source SDK or how many zuber maps you have made, we want to see screenshots of your creations. That’s the only thing that counts.

Fair assessment. I think yall got the point about it though. Too many polygons drawn, too use of the texture budget, too many draw calls, too many complex shaders and too many clientside calculations. When I last played bangclaw I did encounter bad framerate at points.

When I last played bangclaw I was a little mystified as to why in the world the sewer system was as complex as it was and why it needed to go down so far. There’s just so much unused, useless space down there. There was a big area/cave thing made of mud that was so big and so out of the way I wondered what the level designer intended it to be used for.

Overall it suffers from the issue a lot of rp maps seem to have; an over emphasis/level of detail is put into areas of the map that are, for the most part completely inaccessible to the majority of the players on the level.

I’m talking about the rebel/criminal/sewer sections of the map that are so ridiculously overdone that the actual rp civilian areas are left bland and uninspired and tend to turn the rp mode into a more complex version of team death match between the criminals/rebels and the cops/other civilians caught in the crossfire.

A chief thing to fix in the edit of this level would be to optimize the sewer sections (IE, remove a lot of the pointlessly dark deepest parts of the map) and actually look at how deep the players are going and what areas they make the most use out of.

Because right now there is a lot of wasted space down there. I have never spent long there, nor have I seen others really go down that far with the exception of avoiding the police, or hiding money printers.

That’s where I hide all my dead bodies.

Actually in all seriousness that place is creepier than heck and I have rp’d down there with buddies that were evil/crazy/murders/etc.