Mapper Needed! (Horror Derelict Space Station)

Hello there. I’m part of a small dev team working on a Dead Space-themed PVP game mode. we’re making progress with our weapons, code, and models, however, we are in need of a mapper to help design and create a large derelict space station for the game mode to play in.

We’re looking to design a habitable citizen space station which would include things like a shopping district (Mall) A Hospital, Living Residents (Apartments), and a working mine. (The Space Station will be attached to a giant asteroid) and a possible park/botanical area.

The game mode will put players in the space station after a mutagenic outbreak is released onboard turning most occupants into abominations while surviving players must complete random objectives and tasks to win the round.

You can work on this in parts and update it over time if you’d like it doesn’t need to be 100% complete for the time being. You can work on it in sections at a time. For the time being, we do not have many testing grounds for our game mode as we’re focused on creating NPCs and Weapons.

If you are interested in joining our team or asking some questions please message me on discord or leave a reply. Silta#0103