Mapper Needed (Star Trek)

Hay i just wanted to ask for a mapper i have a star trek rp server out today and i was looking around for a while for a map that would be good but can not find one that has needed things for rping.
So my ideas were:
-Multiple planets for missions
-starship ether enterprise or voyager type
-for a large amount of interior for the starship as it would be passive rping
-to have gabs in between a few planets like a galaxy so that we could move from place to place instead of it looking one huge map.

if anyone has anything ideas or something they could help with, that would be great. pm me reply to this thread or send me a mail at
Thanks again!

I hope you have the dollar

Ha Ha

Ho Ho

He He

Hue Hue

I presume there’s going to be a massive amount of money payed to the kind person who does this? What amount of money are we talking?

Fine then if you think no one will do it ill do it then i will learn and do it and you will see the best outcome that can ever be.

Uhm do you even know the limits of Source engine?

I do and I don’t see why it couldn’t be done…

Well if you shrink down players and what not you can make it feel bigger

but you still got brush and entity limits that would hold back on making decent looking things when going for a large play area as well as performance

Good luck! I’d say you’d be better off finding another website, if you haven’t noticed people here are mostly trolls. is a pretty good side when it works for random meshes of ships, weapons, not so good characters but they have them. Would be awesome if you could get them into gmod.

With proper optimization and modeling techniques (even using propper) it could definitely be done, without shrinking players. It’s not outside of Source’s limits if done properly.

And I have to say, people here have some really crappy attitudes toward any request thread these days. A little optimism wouldn’t hurt once in awhile.


Oh, you’re one of those people.