Mapper needed to optimize my city map!

Willing to pay 30 doll hairs.
I just have lots of t-junctions and vertices.
I just need my map to compile and to have area portals because I’m a total retard when it comes to that! Thanks guys!


Erm … I guess i’ll take a look at it if you could add me:

You’ll never get better if you don’t try it yourself!

If you really want to pay someone go ahead by all means, but here are some nice optimization tutorials:

I appreciate the tutorials. I am learning it (its not that I don’t want to !) Just time has become expensive for me to spend. And i need to get all the help I can afford!

I could also help out if you want to add me.

Can you post some photos? Mainly with scale, because a good optimized map is not one with a bunch of area portals slapped around. For a good map optimization should always be in your head, what geometry you can combine, how to split the map up, where to func_detail.

More of a warning to you, don’t let anyone get away with putting area portals everywhere.

Hey does anyone know if Kruma is a legit mapper? I remember reading a post about him or a name similar to his ripping people off or something. Can anyone comment on this?

Nope. Last I remember, he’s still preying on paid mapping requests like these.


Hi, Kruma.

Just stay away.

If you think I am Kruma, I am not. I was just asking to confirm this because the creator of this thread was contacted by him and I am making sure he knows.

No, I saw him reading the thread when I made that post.

Oh well sorry about that. Thought it was intended for me. Anyway Blue you have been warned about him :stuck_out_tongue:

If you need someone to optimize I can do it. Ive been mapping for 6 years now. Im looking for work too.