Mapper or ideas needed for Zombie Survival remake

Hey guys,

Sorry to be posting requests here - I’m sure you get enough of those already. I’m looking for a mapper, or ideas for new maps I can work on for Zombie Survival Abyss - a remake of Jetboom’s classic zombie survival gamemode for Garry’s Mod. Basically it’s gonna be more like the classic gamemode and some of the offshoots (Exiled / Sadistic Slayer’s versions for anyone who remembers). The focus will be around running and gunning rather than barricading and defending. The gamemode is more or less complete (I even had it running on a server for a few months last year, was pretty popular) - I only want to make some minor progression changes and it’s ready. However, I decided that the existing zombie survival maps are all a bit shit so I wanted to create some new ones that better fit the gameplay.

To show I’m not just an ideas guy, here is a video showing the gamemode in action (albeit only with 1 player, 3 bots and an AI zombie) and a first draft of a map I made for it. I demonstrate the playable areas of the map from human perspective, as well as the “unique feature” of the map (which is headcrab canisters falling when zombies breach certain areas - they’ll spawn AI headcrabs eventually).

(I can’t figure out how to inline it)

Basically, I’m looking to create a good number (5 or so) of cool new maps which are reasonably size (but not too big, good enough for ~32 players) that have some kind of unique mechanic or interaction with the map. I am a competent mapper (though definitely not amazing) and I can probably create them all by myself, but that would take ages and I don’t really have many good ideas at the moment. This is why I’m looking for some help.

One of the ideas I’ve had is some kind of elevator map, where the humans start in a warehouse or mine and descend slowly down a very large cargo elevator shaft. Zombies will attack and fall down the shaft. When the elevator reaches the bottom, the warehouse gets bombed or something forcing all humans down the shaft, and a new area is opened up at the bottom. Then zombie spawnpoints are moved up. This keeps the map very dynamic and gives a good sense of progress, though I have technical concerns (glitching on the elevator, or the AI zombies spazzing out) and balance concerns (elevator too slow = death for all humans?).

I can’t offer much in the way of reward (other than the reward of seeing a new gamemode with some cool new maps on the server browser, or the reward of having created a good map).

Go with the mine, in favor of the warehouse. Look at the HL2: ep. 2 tunnels maybe

To encourage run and gun over camping ensure each room has some weakness, be it a skylight, lots off Windows or breakable walls. Watch out for props, these can be used to climb and make invincible hiding places.

As he said, make sure that:

  1. there aren’t enough props to climb (or)
  2. they are spread out too far to collect props (or)
  3. you have playerclip in areas you don’t want accessed

As for camping prevention, why not make it where there is a deadly gas that slowly moves through the mine (or warehouse…) so you have no choice but to move?

I really like the idea for a mine, because I think the closed tunnels give an opportunity for stealth combat, as well as ledges/dropoffs, rickety railways (and fun with minecarts), possibly one of those coal strip mining drills. I dunno.

I personally feel that a warehouse would be too difficult to immerse the players in. (That, and there are no good mine/cave maps that I am aware of.) However, if you do a warehouse, include some deadly machinery that must be passed. You know, a piston with a plate on the end that is used to crush things, flamethrowers to melt things, maybe a slowly spinning blade that must be jumped over?

Mine would be tough but amazing. You can make a beautiful maze full of paths, traps, and cave-ins. Warehouse is something everyone would expect to see.

Is there a custom .fgd needed for this? And if not, whatt spawns do we use for the zombies and what spawn do we use for the humans?

I have a custom .fgd prepared. You can find it here. All my entities have the “abyss_” prefix. I’ll be adding more stuff to it sooner or later, such as inputs to the spawnpoints to enable and disable them. I am also willing to upload the .vmf of the demo’d trainstation map if anybody wants to look at it.

Thanks for the ideas so far guys. Looks like I’ll be trying to design some kind of mine soon.