Mappers Anonymous Contest #1 (3 Categories)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This contest has been cancelled due to the lack of entries. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Theme: Anything Goes

Categories: Beauty, User Friendly, Realism

Beauty: The map looks absolutely amazing. There is the least amount of flaws.

Realism: The map does not contain any futurisic or fantasy features that deify the laws of physics such as Plutonium Powered Hoverplates or Psychic Fields to protect people. It has anything you’d expect to see in the normal world where mad scientists dont exist. Basically, its a replication of the world of today or the past. (even midevil times)

User Friendly: The map conains many features that do things (like an artillery cannon that actually fires) but still looks good. You can also actually play the map too. (if it’s a garrys mod build map, there are places for you to build and test things)

You may enter as many maps as you please but may enter a map into only one category. The map can contain any content, even custom content, but must be run in the source engine. (eg. HL2, CS:S, GMod) You cannot use NPC’s unless you are in the User Friendly category, Be careful for you can distract attention from the map to the NPC. If you are submitting a Garry’s Mod map, you can only use contraptions if you are entering the map in the User Friendly categry. You can us as many screenshots or videos as you want to display your map but be careful for adding too many pictures or videos or even long videos may result is some parts of the map being skipped during judging week. You can only use maps that you made. This means that if I find our map on or any other uplod site whith a diferent username, you and your map(s) will be disqualified. You can add your map anytime you want but the deadline is August 15th 2009 for hte rest of that week is judging week. Any maps added during judging week will not be entered. The winer will be announced on the friday which is August 21st. Any questions? Ask Infested at the steam group Mappers Anonymous (public) or e-mail me at You can also PM me on Facepunch. Good luck!

PS: Prizes are still being thoughtout an will be announced by the end of July.

PSS: Here are the prizes. The winner from each category gats a free $10 game from steam. Winners choice of game. If you win two categories, you can combine the prizes for a $20 game. If you are really good and win all 3, then it’s $30. Remember, the contest ends August 15th so take your time if you need to.

This is entirely pointless as we already have a contest system going, which is run by a much more trusted mapper. It’s also more professional. And don’t think having no theme makes your contest better, it actually means people will deviate and it will spiral into failure. Or you know, it might work. :v:

This is fucking stupid.

2 posts with an awesome post-avatar combo :buddy:

Make anything?
This isn’t a contest it’s just basically a “Post Your Maps Here” thread…

I made both of them really. :v:

Haha, this thread is NOT heavy approved.

I lol’d.

Haha, I’ll play your little game Infested.

Here we go, here’s my entry!

I guess this goes under ‘user friendly’

Wish me luck guise :smugdog:

It’s ok for user friendly, but lacks beauty and realism. Wait, is that how the contest works?

Nope. You choose one category and go with it. I only have to satisfy one category.

Requesting a lock on pointless thread.

Let me win first! :supaburn:

Can i have a copy?

Ok to be honest, I dont care what you guys think of my contest. If you dont like it then why did you post just to say it was gay? I made the contest more for the Mappers Anonymous group than facepunch but I decided to let the Facepunch Community enter too. Obviously that was a mistake for it seems the majority of the people who posted here and rated disliked it. Maybe the Facepunch Community doesn’t deserve this… But I’m not closing the thread just cause you dont like it. Think about that before you post.


Wish me luck guise :smugdog:

well the map certainly is not disqualified and you did put it in the right category so yeah, good luck, considering I know a few people who are currently working on maps.

Don’t go playing the guilt trip ‘you don’t deserve this’. It doesn’t work if we don’t actually want it.

Who the fuck is Mappers Anonymous?

I wasnt trying to do the ‘guilt trip’ I was just saying that you were posting a reply just cause you didnt like it and that I only wanted to see if the community was going to enter. I couldn’t think of any other things to say so dont be an ass about it. Go to the other contest if you want, I dont care, this is my first contest and I have another million things going on so I didn’t have time to see what you wanted for a contest. And the reason I said ‘anything goes’ is cause it lets you decide what to enter, maybe I’ll think twice next time.

A group of mappers who wish to remain anonymous for perhaps a good reason?

A support group for those who let their addiction of mapping affect their loved ones as well as their own personal health?

I don’t know.

Its just a steam group centered around mapping.


what makes this cotnest stupid compared to others?