Mapper's IRC

I am creating an IRC channel to help assist beginning mappers (like me :wink: ). If you want to help out, join #mapping. Or you can clicky (thanks Snakeface). I’m also looking for some Ops!

Quick guide by Fippe:

Channel Operators:
[ul][li]Me (NullEntity)

What is a IRC channel?

IRC is an internet chat protocol. IRC stand for Internet Relay Chat.

Personally, I use mIRC if you’re looking for a client.

Why not just join #mapcore on It’s where all of the reputable mappers hang out.

I’m gonna do a bit of lurking on this channel. :biggrin:

I’ll come later on.

Snakeface and me are offering sex and cupcakes to people that connect! Quickly before it’s too late!

We are indeed. Except I ate all the cupcakes.

If you are using firefox, quick guide to start using IRC:

  1. Go to, download Chatzilla.
  2. Reset Firefox.
  3. Click this link: irc:// to connect to server.
  4. Type “/join #mapping” without quotes to join the Mapping channel.
  5. Ka-ching. You are in the mapping channel now.

maybe it’s just me, but IRC always seems to end with spam.

This one hasn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Usually depends on the Ops.


I added this to the OP.

Thanks Agent.

Yeah, I’d like to lurk this. See you guys there.

Awesome, joined both channels.

The lurk has begun…


Nobody is talking… :sad:

Ghost town…

Lurk lurk lurk

I tried adding spice but it did not work. :crying:

I would lurk moar, but mIRC is screwed up. When ever I try to join the channel, it tries to reconnect to the server.

Try Visual IRC, it’s free.