Mappers wanted

Hey me and a couple of friends over at xfire are starting a half life 2 singleplayer based mod and need help mapping the levels we need.
We have the basic outline of the story finished and would greatly appreciate any help that anyone on this forum can provide.
So if your interested please download Xfire and ask about my user name on the site.
Note: I also have a steam account.
Also if you have other expertise such as skinning and are a pro modder we would be great full if you could help.
please no garbage or raging.

What’s the story?

So what are you and the other guys contributing? How much will you pay?

The story will not be told until you commit to joining the team this way nobody can steal the idea.Also I’m not paying you but that’s not to say we can’t make a profit out of the mod.

You didn’t answer the first part of his question. What is the rest of your “team” contributing?

Don’t expect mappers to immediately to sign up,
when you really don’t have anything worthy to show, that would attract someone to make maps for you.
looking forward to more info though :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I don’t work for people who keep secrets without proper payment.

If your not interested then don’t bother as for contributing we will cross the bridge when we get there. As I said in my first post we are still in development stages and so far are looking for a bigger team.

Fine ill give a basic outline of the plot:

You start off as a civil protection officer who turns rebellious after he realizes the corrupt nature of the civil protection officers in turn you attack another officer and are forced to flee the combine enriched city and in doing so make a unlikely relationship with the resistance.
Based before half life 2 takes place.

So, MrTibbles, do you plan on telling everyone what your job is on your development team? If you do, can you also name who else is on the team and what their positions are?

I’d love to see some guidelines and level design blueprints before I offer my services :expressionless:

We are at that bridge right now. Nobody will join unless they know you are pulling your weight too.

Yes apart from me there is also dev me and Dan as you can see we are a small team and have just started everything.
Every role is open to speculation Dev can map while me and dan are working on the script and map concepts.

If you have just started I would recommends that you get pre-production materials down and not just the storyline.

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“the script and map concepts”

not much

Okay people I will post back in a few more days with a few more things to show so stop posting I will post concepts of maps we hope to accomplish.

We don’t want concepts, we want solid proof of concept. In other words, completed models, maps or professional concept art. Almost all successful mods will have been started by someone who can actually dev, so they will be able to recruit proper members because they can make their own good quality work to start off with. People are more likely to join a mod that looks like it could go somewhere. Right now what you’re saying implies that other than simple map concepts you’re not going to do any actual work. Also, you said you were looking for a bigger team, this is very bad. A small team, at most 4 people, is more than enough to start with for a mod this size.

Hi guyz me and a m8 have a c00l idea 4 a mod lol but we ned maps so make um plz lol.

No, mapping is a long process and making a full level isn’t something you can do in a few days, so until you have all the stuff others have said above me you’re going nowhere.

This won’t get off the ground, that’s for sure.

Sounds like just another “You make everything and I take credit for it” mod.