Mapping a tilted building (Start tilted, or tilt it?)

Is it better to build it specifically tilted, or build it straight up first so it’s easier, then tilt it?

Build it then tilt it. Less holes everywhere from mistakes.

Building it straight first then tilting it is a horrible idea. Everything will be off-grid and your visleafs will be fucked.

It’s not so hard as long as you’re working at a 22.5 or a 45 degree angle, just figure out your ratios and plan things out.

If you only tilt it on one axis, sure it’ll be off-grid, but you could use hint brushes to easily fix the visleaves.

But why would you if you could just as easily build it tilted from the start and not have to worry about not being able to modify it after? If everythings on the grid, you can easily add more doorways or windows later. Plus, trying to manually fix up visleafs like that is more trouble than it’s worth. You’ll never get the hint brushes to line up with the building’s geometry properly.

Building a building tilted would be harder than making it normal then tilt it and add visleafs.

Good idea: tilt your buildings at only 30, 45, and 60 degree angles. You are far less likely to encounter any holes/invalid solids that way because you will always be either on grid or 1-2 units off no matter where the point is. Stranger angles may have one or two points where the line meets the grid.

Not really. I don’t understand why people think this would be that much more complicated. Just build it like a normal building, but make sure you keep all your angles at a ratio of 1:1 or 2:1.

You should take the extra time to do it properly, rather than be lazy and end up with messy, off grid verts. You’ll be glad you did in the long run.

Make sure you build it either 2 or 4 units thick at least, it may be more or less, but from there tilting it at angles that aren’t insane won’t completely fuck up your map.

Eh, 4 units for a wall isn’t a good idea.

That’s why I said at least. I was also referring to trims, etc.

If you built it from scratch, you could use pretty much whatever thickness you like. Buy a calculator, do the maths, do it properly from the start.

I built a small area on a 45 degree angle and it’s an absolute bitch.

Build on grid, and rotate, that’s what I’ve always done, allows for more accuracy and control.

I wonder how the guy from that Death Aboard campaign did it.

Build everything normally, then make a separate .vmf for when it’s tilted.

Just use instancing…

Build it tilted from the scratch, as mentioned above. The best you could do tho, is make it a prop.

Instancing only works for l4d2 and Alien Swarm, as far as I know… which sucks, because it would make things SO much easier for me.

It works in source engine 2009. But compiling with it is another story.