Mapping Advice

Can any mappers give me some advice? I’m very new to mapping. Right now i’m working on my first map… atm it only has 1 building and a lot of flat area. lol. Thanks for any CONSTRUCTIVE advice! : D

Specific & general info is appreciated!

Depends on what sort of advice you want

1: Never release your first map.
2: Never ever make fullbright map.
3: when in doubt, look or ask around.
4: Avoid repetitive textures. A room is not made out of pure blocky concrete/bricks/wood.
5: Lighting is the most useful component you’ll ever find throughout your mapping career.
6: Playtest often and make note to yourself about the map.
7. No wall are 1 unit or 256 units thick. They’re 8 units. There are some exceptions.
8. Plan out your map often, get inspiration from other mappers or use photos to get ideas for your map.
9. Don’t rush.
10. Have fun.

#7 is a mapper preference. I use 16 unit thick walls and have since Quake 1.

My walls vary, depends on the building type really, interior walls on a average house are normally always 8 units just for scale though. Whereas on a building with a older theme the walls may be thicker. Sometimes I just use the textures to gauge it as some do actually work well as measuring sticks (not just dev ones)

Thanks! And is there a certain thickness that allows bullets to pass through or am i stupid for asking?

Good advice? As i’m just starting just general advice will do… i r 2 ignant 4 hard tings.

  1. No wall are 1 unit or 256 units thick. They’re 8 units. There are some exceptions.

Depends on the material. Wood slates/plywood is usually 1, the average house is probably 8, concrete 16, etc.

I’ve always thought the 8 units wall is the default size.

And that’s depend on the game/mod you’re making your map for. I think there is an article somewhere on Valve Developer Wiki that has information regarding the bullet penetrations.

Bullet Penetration only happens in CSS and DOD:S

Depends on the building for me. Industrial or older buildings I give external walls of 32 units thick, and internal walls of 16 units.

Well among other things i’ve learned my walls are about 4x too thick, lol. My current map is designed for vehicle building & testing. Click if you wanna take a look.

Also how does one go about creating terrain? Is it a lot of blocks cropped or something i don’t know of?


For terrain I take it?