Mapping Articles/Reference pics

Post things that might help everyone get over mapper’s block. This includes information from other sites, reference pictures, and anything else that might spark creativity.

Interesting article on making more memorable architecture, in a more subtle way:

Site for fantastic reference pictures:

Some pictures to give you some material to work with.

I’m aware that thread exists, but nobody seems to post on it anymore. If I was Terrenteller I would make a reference picture thread in the sticky.

Bump the other “failed” thread instead of making another thread that will inevitably fail.

You got the failing part right… :frowning:

Herp Derp :xd:

Yeah anyways… Might want to take that into consideration guys and stop making new threads every two weeks or so…

I wouldn’t mind seeing one of these threads with a bit more life in them, people keep complaining of lack of inspiration, and then do nothing about it.

Here’s a few shots from my day’s random website surfing…



Deadchicken has a point. You keep hearing people complaining about mappers block. I feel a reference picture thread should always be on the front page.