"Mapping Coma" Phenomenon?

Has anyone spent so much time in the Hammer Editor that they experience a “mapping coma”? It’s basically when boredom and urge to do something else stops, your emotions go dull, your distractions go away, you map very efficiently, and get a lot done. The bad part is that when you stop, all you can think about is mapping; you can see the Hammer Editor grid panels in your head before you fall asleep. If you’re not going to sleep, you get the impression in the back of your head that your house is made of brushes and the ground outside are displacements.

It’s awful, but rewarding.

I’ve spent 2288 hours :v:

… And doing a 40 hour stream, so I will most likely get this sometime…

I’m sorry, but you need to go outside some more.

Not really. I enjoy level design. It’s practically what I want to do in life and well… practice makes perfection.

This happens to me all the time.
Of course the “get a lot done” and “map efficiently” don’t apply.

It reminds me that I was visiting a construction site one time and we went inside the dining hall, I actually said “too blocky” to one of the construction workers.

I should of quoted. I’m talking about Hostel. If you’re getting the impression in the back of your head that your house is made of brushes and the ground outside are displacements, then you need to spend some time away from the screen. Shit can fry your brain.

Oh, alright. Sorry :3:

I would agree. And I do eventually find time to do something else to re-mediate myself.

I redesign all the buildings around me in my head while I’m going anywhere, Just me ?

Then I look up the valley and see the mountains, HammerBrain.exe has crashed.


(Google owned that website’s image hotlinking prevention)

skybox texture.

But yeah, when I look at things I tend to think “how could I make this in Hammer”

I love it when I can go on for ages mapping and idea after idea is flowing through my head, and I can’t map at the same speed I come up with ideas, but that only happens occasionally. I wish it happened more.

I have the exact opposite, I literally look at a blank hammer for most of the day. I have no ideas. O have nothing to do.

I have minor Synesthesia so I can (hard to explain) sort of, view the world as in a hammer grid, my mind sort of fills in the blanks and I can visualize some crazy things while mapping in hammer. (Try to fully visualize your whole city in like wire-frame type mode, I can sorta visualize that and its one of the reasons I seem to be able to never get lost in cities)

Sometimes i have urges to map, but i don’t have anything to do.

And when ever i play ANY game, i think about the level deisgn put into it. Also, i also think of building the area around me in Hammer sometimes when i’m out. Mostly in the city.

So the brain has wired up a bit oddly, and wired one sense into another.

To be fair though, when i give directions, or think about where i need to go, i find it easier to think about it as a blue 3d grid.

I think mapping is slowly overlapping reality to me, i look at something then think how it would be done in hammer

a side effect of being a level designer.

I don’t have time to map anymore :smith:

Great. It will give us time for someone to get better at lighting then you :smiley:

Doubt it. :argh: I will be practicing when I have spare time.