Mapping competition

So yea there are coding competitions all the time, is there any mapping competitions? if their isn’t would a bunch of mappers give me their opinion about this?
I would be willing to throw in up to $20 into a pool if someone created this.
“Don’t rate me stupid damn it”

We have these from time to time, you just have to think of a good plausible theme and a decent deadline.

Mapping can be difficult to do since it encompasses so many subjects. Mapping is generally level design but can also incorporate modelling and texture work.

I’d be also willing to toss $20 into such a contest as long as its considerable playable (>20fps)

Could set one up in time for Christmas? Whether it is holiday themed or not.

Because I remember their was one for css and it was called map racing they had like 1 week to make a nice map, and playable.

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I was thinking that if people were willing to donate you would leave credits of your name and we should release the maps to the public maybe around 3 weeks to complete the map, and you have the choice for some popular gamemodes such as DarkRP, ZombieSurvival, Sandbox, and some others. And first place would get majority of the donation pool and 2nd and 3rd would get some money.

It would be cool to get themed maps for these gamemodes.

3 weeks is way too short for a half decent map. Gotta give it a good month or two.

Eh I guess that is true. Good idea shirky, is there anyone here with enough contacts to start a competition?

One just finished a few days ago in the gmod section (but the host hasn’t returned or posted in a while :S) then about 2 months ago there was another one here but OP was just a scammer. Fun.

2-3 months was pretty common for mapping competitions here a few years ago. They started out pretty awesome, but got to a point where people either forgot they entered or lost interest.

That’s why i feel like we should run a speed map competition like 3 weeks to make a small-medium map that’s playable and not boring and actually decent for a type of gamemode. I know damn well it’s possible to make a map in that amount of time. Just will take effort and concentration and hella amount of time.