Mapping Configuration Issue - HL:EP2 Game Config Missing

Greetings! I’m a returning Garry’s Mod fan, and I’m back to mapping. However, I have a bit of a hammer issue;

Running Counter-Strike: Source or Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, hammer runs fine. If I try to run Half-Life 2: Episode 2 as the basis for mapping (as I was told HL:EP2 was the basis for Garry’s Mod mapping) it says “Game Configuration Missing or invalid” - The problem is I just installed HL:EP2 and ran it, and I even rebuilt the cache, and I’m still having that issue.

I have googled it, I have checked multiple mapping sites, and I’ve checked all the stickies here in Garry’s Mod… I can’t find a fix.

Anyone have the same issue/know the fix?

[Edit] I am Rory84 on steam if anyone wishes to contact me directly regarding this issue.

Reset game configrurations in sdk

I did that, it didn’t fix it.

Have you played the game at least once?

Yeah. I will re-run it again just to be sure.


Okay, now it runs… But all 4 grids are pitch black and most of my textures from my HL2 DM map are black. And the Camera screen doesn’t work (doesn’t show anything)

I have that too the all black grids for zps hammer, but the the textures were low res instead of missing, I dunno how to fix it…it might be the engine you configured it on?

Ep2 is in source engine 2009.

I didn’t configure it, it was automatically listed under Source Engine 2007.

Make it manually then.