Mapping Development Stream Thread

So, I know a lot of folks into sourcedev and mapping like to stream when they work and get criticism/suggestions/shoot the shit while they’re developing. I figured I’d make a thread here because I didn’t want to hijack/clutter the WIP thread with stream links. Drop a post here when you’re live, and edit your post when you’re done!

If this thread turns out to just be me, I’ll take the hint and stop posting, but I do highly encourage folks to stream while they work and to drop by others while they do - it’s a great way to spread and share knowledge and feedback.


To get streaming, here are some good guides if you’ve never started before.

Twitch - Hitbox - OBS - XSplit

Don’t be discouraged if nobody shows up for a while - I even recommend you hide your viewercount on your dashboard (You can do this on twitch just by clicking the number.) People will eventually turn up, and if you broadcast regularly, you’ll eventually gain a following.

If you have any questions about streaming or getting geared up to stream, feel free to post them here.

[DEL]I’ll start us off - I’ll be streaming work on the government center of rp_midtown for a few hours here:
The twitter account for my broadcasting is @sonadorstreams.[/DEL]

Comcast is throttling my upload for some reason, so I’ll have to try again later. :v:
At any rate, though, feel free to drop a post whenever you go live so other mappers can come watch!

[DEL]All right, going live again with GC development for rp_midtown now that I have decent upload.

Done for now, got some chores and such to do.

Is that a prison cell on the second floor? (watching the stream but don’t wanna sign up to twitch to comment there)

Yes, it is. The only reason it’s on the second floor is because there’s no room in the garage area and I don’t want to dig a basement.

Actually, brainwave, I could probably use the open space behind the PD as an extension. Hmmmm.

It breaks convention but I think it would work, maybe if you had signs in the PD so new players who where to go (maybe near stairs a sign pointing up for the cells)

That works betterand lets you open it up some more and have more cells. Maybe you could combine the 2 so you enter upstairs which takes you to a walkway above the jail itself so the officers can look down over the mess (or place where prisoners eat) and have the cells lining the walls?

Something of a pedantic point is usually in buildings the toilets are placed above one another (easier plumbing) and a cell would need a toilet. Probably irrelevant for a gmod rp map though. Architecture nerds would appreciate it though