Mapping for cinema game mode need help (importing maps)

I am currently trying to modify cinema_theatron, and make a larger version with additional theaters.

However, I am not entirley sure how to import maps and I just have a few questions.

  1. If I import a map from the workshop into hammer, does it come with the custom props or do I have to download them seperatley?

  2. I am using the version of hammer off gmod. But I heard singleplayer 2013 SDK might be better. is this true?

  3. Are there any good tutorials on this kind of stuff?

  4. Lastly How do I modifiy the map config like it says todo in the HAMMER entities part of the page?

Any help would be much appreciated

Gmod Hammer is the best to use, it requires less setting up, depending on how you get the map from the workshop wil depend on how easy it’ll be, i.e if you get the map in a .gma file you’ll have to extract that 1st then decompile the .bsp to a vmf you might be luckly and the .gma will contain models and materials if not then the .bsp should have the custom content packed into it, which you’ll have to ectract when u decompile the .bsp to a .vmf, i aven’t seen any tutorials on this sort of thing but sonesome else but beable to post a link :slight_smile: what do you mean by modify the map config ??

On the Gmod Cinema mapping tutorial, it says that you need to drop the FGD into the config in order to import special entities like the screens.
I was able to figure out how to import the Map and got it into hammer, however all of its textures and props are custom. I have the files for them but once again there are a lack of tutorials for IMPORTING this stuff.

Thanks for the help so far, I tried the 2013 but it didn’t work so Ill be sticking with gmod’s hammer.

My new question is how do I import large amounts of props, textures, and sounds all at once?

if you have the models and textures just place them in the garrysmod materials and models folders maikng sure you keep the directory structure right and you shouldn’t have any problems as for adding the cinema .fgd in hammer click tools>options and in game configerations add the .fgd there