Mapping for Garry's Mod- 2 Games in 1 Setup

I’ve always mapped in EP2, but I’d like to have Counter-Strike content displayed at the same time.

Is this possible?

I’ve tried editing the game file shit in the options, not sure how to do it correctly though.

Yes, but you have to extract the models, materials, etc from the Counter Strike GCF and place them into their respective folders in your Episode 2 files.

Isn’t there an easier way, just adding a directory or something?

And wouldn’t that mean I would have to pack them all as custom models >_>

As far as I know, no, there is not an easier way.

To your second question, you might want to if you feel your intended audience does not have the game. Otherwise, you are not required to. Sometimes, people prefer that you do not because of the file size.

Gotta save save that link. :smile: Here’s GCFScape:


Oh, and there is no other way. As far as I know.

Isn’t that going to make the map fucking huge in size though…

File size, perhaps, but it would not actually affect the map.

That’s what I meant, obviously.

It would be a gigantic file.

Nobody would download it.

It won’t be that bad. There are plenty of huge maps that people download in droves. If it’s quality, size doesn’t matter.

Unintended life lesson.

Not particularly, it’ll allow for a bigger range of ents and textures which I suppose, like Fhenexx said, could increase file size, but that’s only if you put them in the map. The other stuff would just be available to be used; it’s not mandatory to include them all.

It would not increase file size as long as you didn’t pakrat it. Would it increase your game directory file size? Yes. Would it increase map file size? Nope. I use it and my maps are the normal size as if I didn’t have the CS:S content extracted.

Why would the map be big if you’re using textures from other games?


Also, I extracted all my CS:S, L4D, L4D2 demo, episode 1, GMod and DoD:S models and materials into my episode 2 directory, instead of making a new GCF file.

Only if you decided for some reason to pack the textures into the map. If the map is for garrysmod, garrysmod mounts the content automatically (assuming the owner of gmod owns the game) so packing the textures in would be a waste of time.

Unless you wanted the map to be usable by anyone.