Mapping for Onslaught

So I rediscovered the Onslaught gamemode not too long ago, and after a few rounds on one map (of the three available that don’t suck), I thought, “This would be an awesome mode to map for.”

But unfortunately, its been such a long time since anyone appears to have mapped for Onslaught, and I have no idea what the gamemode requires for it to run properly.

So if anyone can give me some information on what I need to have in an Onslaught map, that would be much appreciated.

This is the start of a map I will use for it. Probably only personal, but maybe will go public once it’s done.

I wish people still played OSE. I played the hell out of it back when it was popular. Would love to see it get a restart.

If you need to know what entities are necessary, decompile a map for reference purposes only.

|Ne| has an Onslaught server, go to it man, I’m lonely.
I think it’s just a spawner and a path_track or something. I have a paragraph on it on my pc, I’ll copy it over later if it isn’t answered by then.

If you are referring to OSE I wrote a tutorial, found here:

Thank you very much, this is exactly what I was looking for!