Mapping for Radioactive Sandbox

So i just released Radioactive Sandbox v1.0.

This thread will show you how to make a map for it.

Here’s a basic layout. What it should show you is how densely you should be placing each entity type, and where you should be placing them.

The entities

info_player_bandoliers/army/exodus - the spawn points for each team.

npc_trader_bandoliers/army/exodus - the npc trader for each team. Try to put them indoors somewhere.

info_npcspawn - this is used for NPC spawning (not yet implemented but it will be). enemy NPCs will spawn at these. Place them far away from the bases.

info_lootspawn - this is used for spawning random loot drops. your map should be pretty much covered with these. Every area should have at least one possible spot for loot to spawn at. The more, the better. These spawnpoints have no performance hit at all, so you could literally put 5000 of them on your map if you wanted.

point_stash - these are areas where players can stash things. place these inside of props and players will be able to store items inside them.

point_radiation - these create radiation where they are placed. when the map loads, 50% of these will be randomly selected and deleted. This will make each server have a unique placement of radiation.

Keyvalues for certain entities

point_radiation - randomradius - if this keyvalue is set, then the reach of the radiation will be randomized between 500 units and the units you specify (ie. If i set randomradius to 1000 then the reach of the radiation will be set to some number between 500 and 1000 when the map loads).

point_radiation - radius - if this keyvalue is set then the radius of the radiation will be set to whatever value you specify. if neither of these keyvalues is set then the radius defaults to 500.

Other stuff

Of course if the gamemode is going to use NPC’s, your map will need to be noded properly.

You can download my example VMF here.

I made a simple exodus base:

Do the maps need to be custom?

Pretty stupid considering there’s a maximum amount of entities.

Why the name, by the way?

It doesn’t seem to be a sandbox gamemode, if I understand correctly.


And how big are these maps expected to be?


Also, are you going to give us the entities?


Also, I think it’s more realistic for a trader to sell to all factions.

Raping with custom content <3 thanks Rambo. :smiley: ur amazing loved ur ReDead gamemode also.

yes since the 3 factions need to have their own spawn areas, npc traders, etc.

plus the map needs to have spawn points for radiation and loot, something i can’t just procedurally do with lua.

i could add a way for people to designate spawn areas with console commands but it’s honestly more work than it’s worth.


I don’t expect people to use that many loot spawns but you get the idea.

The gamemode itself isn’t like normal sandbox, it’s more like roleplay in that you can do whatever you want. You can spend your time attacking other players or explore the map instead. It’s all up to the players.

The map can be any size really. The bigger the better since it’s more fun to explore big maps.

The entities are all listed in the OP.

Huh, I’d be interested in dabbling in this game mode as a side thing other than the SpaceBuild Community project. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow.

I think it would be pretty cool for someone to do a dev city for this.

You can go over the maximum.

If any of you know of an outdoors apocalyptic-type map that’s roughly the size of the grid limits then point me to its author.


i think i pm’ed him, got no response.

Check his steam acount. See when his last activity was.

Any of these good for you?

Maybe I’ll take a crack at it. Does it have to be a desert kinda wasteland or can it be a destroyed city/urban area?

A combination of the two would be neat.

If i had more time i’d probably start making a map for this myself but it’s just so much work to make a map that big, and i’m not a very good displacement maker. If anyone wants any help with their map i would be willing to make a few destroyed buildings or whatever. I’m fairly good at urban environments.

I’d suggest a more built up maps than the ones listed. Either lot’s of hills and obstacles (like trees) or a built up post-apoc city.

It has to be post-apoc because that would be gnarly.

csdesert has a neat theme to it (the whole underground complex is great) but the top area is just so flat and boring. it needs more hills, props, etc.


I’m going to work hard making the bases fit each factions theme.

Do a MAG faction theme!

The NMA are Raven. a sleek base with high technology
the bandoliers are SVER. Lots of graffiti and broken-down houses.
and exodus is Valor. A more world war 2-ish looking base. trenches and strong wood.