Mapping For Radioactive Sandbox

So I made this gamemode called Radioactive Sandbox. There have been some big changes made so i figured i’d make a new informational thread. Currently the only good maps it runs on are rp_apocalypse and srp_arp_thegarbage (thegarbage sucks but it’s the closest thing to a STALKER themed map that gmod has). Big maps work the best with this gamemode, since exploring is a big part of it.

This thread will show you how to make a map for Radioactive Sandbox.

The entities

info_player_bandoliers/army/exodus - the spawn points for each team.

npc_trader_bandoliers/army/exodus - the npc trader for each team. Try to put them indoors somewhere, close to their respective spawn points.

info_npcspawn - this is used for NPC spawning. Enemy NPCs (zombies and outlanders) will spawn at these. Place them farr away from player spawns.

info_lootspawn - this is used for spawning random loot drops. your map should be pretty much have one of these in every nook and cranny. Every area should have at least one possible spot for loot to spawn at. The more, the better.

point_skymarker - my gamemode has an algorithm that randomly spawns things anywhere on a map (provided the map has a skybox) - however, some maps have multiple areas that each have their own confined skybox. if your map only has one skybox (examples of maps with only one skybox: gm_flatgrass, gm_atomic) you only need one of these (or you don’t even need to place one - either way it will work). if your map has multiple skyboxes, place one of these in each area. make sure it can draw a straight line to the ceiling of the skybox.

point_stash - these are areas where players can stash things. place these on the front of props and players will be able to store items inside them.

point_radiation - these create radiation where they are placed. try not to put any radiation inside of buildings or in underground areas. when the map loads, some of these will be randomly selected and disabled. this will make each server have a unique placement of radiation.


To make your life easier, i’ve created a FGD for my gamemode.

Get it nyao.

Other Mapping Notes

Your map will need nodes for the NPCs to work.

My gamemode has a custom 100% Lua handled day/night system. It works best on maps that don’t have a nighttime skybox. If you have a 3d skybox, try not to make the fog too intense in it or else the day/night system will make it look awkward. I can’t change this since 3d skybox fog is baked into the map.

If you have a map already compiled and finished, then it is possible for me to create a Radioactive Sandbox config file for it using my handy little dev tool that lets me place lootspawns, etc. on the map ingame and save them! Feel free to post finished maps here if you think they’d work with this gamemode.

Examples and WIPs

I have a habit of not finishing my maps. Here are some of my unfinished works. Feel free to use them, but please give credit if you do.

rs_novograd - My early WIP underground complex (sort of trying to mimic the Agroprom Institute).

rs_bases - I was going to make prefabs for the bases each faction uses. I finished the exodus base then sort of gave up i think.

rs_wastelands - Some finished abandoned warehouses as well as a partially finished train station, a partially finished industrial building and a partially finished underground complex. There’s a bunch of EP2 textures and models.

Here’s a picture of one of my WIPs, The Novograd Underground Complex. Not really exciting but you get the idea of what kind of stuff i’m trying to produce. STALKER-esque maps work really well with my gamemode. The creepier and more derelict, the better.


Other Crap

It might also interest you guys to know that Hazard24 is working on making a version of rp_apocalypse that works with Radioactive Sandbox. Hopefully it gets finished soon!