Mapping for roleplay (adding jailpos)


I read through and the encyclopedia, but I did not get my question answered.

I was wondering if there was a way to set the jail position in Hammer?

Possibly by a trigger brush of some sort?

Thank you

Sorry if it’s already been answered

It has to be done by **


** via the RP script if i am correct.

Hate to nit pick, but it’s Lua, not LUA.

I said Lua :3:
Im kidding, Fixed it though.

Ok, thank you.

Also, what about non-ownable doors? Is that also Lua?

That’s all in the script man.

Ok, thank you guys for your help

Where? :eek:

I can’t find anything :v:

Yea no problem, and enjoy the polite/friendly on the OP if it’ll work on my iPhone.