Mapping (Game)Content

This has probably been discussed about a lot of times before, I just can’t put my finger on it.
Sure a lot of people use custom content which is awesome if they are good at it.
But you need a base, Half-Life 2 ofcourse, but what to add?
Css, Ep1, Ep2, Dods?
I myself don’t have dods, but I do have the other three, If I make a map using css content, and the map will hypothetically be famous, some people won’t be able to have as much fun because they don’t have css.

My question to you fellow mappers is, do you care about the end users?
People that are going to play your map?
Whether they have css, ep1, ep2 or not?

If I were to make a map, say a Roleplaying map, Would it be wise to avoid using content from any of those games?

Expand or die, episode 2 for the win.


Does an artist not use red and green in a painting because he’s afraid colorblind people won’t be able to respect his work as much?

You can always package the textures with the map using PakRat.

Most people have CS:S these days.

You should work with the Ep2 engine as default, as most people have that these days too.


And what the last poster said would be warez.

I think if you got the game then you have it, use it if you can. and if some (and it will only be some) people can’t play it, it will be a shame but i dont rly care about the end users :).

Use pakrat to pack in all the content or supply it separate.

Valve don’t really care.

If it’s one or two textures, it’s fine, especially since your map’s size will expand rapidly.