Mapping -HELP-

I need -HELP- because my Hammer Editor have a lot of bug and I want mapping for Gmod beacause for TF2 I’m not a noob in mapping, also, how did I configurate my Hammer Editor because i configurate with the Wiki Manuel, but when I want open Hammer Editor with -The Orange Box — Garry’s Mod- there’s an windows and then wrote : Hammer Editor can’t launch -Garry’s Mod- because the parameters was not accept. And, when i launch with -The Orange Box — EP2-, it’s ok Hammer launch, but in the mapping i want create a little house but the grid is not here she’s dissapear.

Please -HELP- Me ! I want mapping this week for fun with my friends. Please.

It’s the updates fault.

The grid is not here because there’s an update ?

There are about 5 threads on the subject. The TF2 hammer should work fine, the others are totalled.

Okay, but i don’t want to read all of the threads for found the great, because there’s 605 pages of threads … Can you write the pages of ones great ?

All the threads about it are one the first page.

Okay, thanks … Sorry for that …


I have now a new question about : How can the people make maps for GMod ? Because I mapping on Hl2Ep2 and the map was : not being by gm_… it’s an other prefix. How can I ajust that ?

You just name your map something like, gm_mymap then go into the HL2 ep2 folder, into maps and copy it from there and put it into Garrysmod/Garrysmod/Maps

The prefix is applied by the mapper, not by the program.

Okay, thank you so much because i really want mapping for GMod

Oh and yeah, Dont release your first map!

And don’t use the default brick texture and USE A LIGHT_ENV

be informative, hes new.

The grid is a she?
“create a little house but the grid is not here she’s dissapear.”

Off to my Source SDK see ya!

@Best4Bond, yes i sand my first map, but I can beging when Valve restore Hammer because it’s broken …

Hmmm, you guys still having problems with your Hammer? Mines has been working fine since everything started fucking up. I don’t see how come everyone else’s hammer isn’t working but certain ones are.

My sdk is working fine too now.

Scratch that…it works as long as you don’t ever move the camera.