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I need, ideas. And this is your chance to get free maps…

Ok guys, and girls. Title says it all. I have been mapping for around 3 years now. I am an experienced mapper. Released 4 maps. 3 of them were terrible, the last one, I think was rather good. I am currently working on several different small projects, but, they’re boring me. So, this is my question to you guys:

**Does anyone on Facepunch have a map that they want / need making?
(I will do anything. From a simple road to a city. I just need good ideas. Anyone can ask for something to be made, but, I will only choose 1 project. Something I think that looks the best and is within my capability. If you wan’t me to make you something, make sure you tell me what it is, give me a brief description and some images. And, it’s all free!)

**Hope some people post ideas and requests, cheers.

This is my latest release: Just for you guys to understand my level of mapping.

Recreate the first level of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, keeping intact its side scrolling elements.

Also if you can, try to recreate the parrallaxing backgrounds on hammer.

In my opinion, this game was the last interesting platformer of its time, so I would be pretty grateful if you could give it a shot.

Not only that, but the in game textures are pretty much handed to you in the source files. And it’s been inactive for so long that it is now legal to download as abandonware.

Try making a small singleplayer campaign involving a few warehouses in a coastal area with some scripted ai sequences and a gunship or two. It would be a good exercise with actual gameplay and not just looks.

Hmm, tricky, not sure what would interest you. You could try something simple. Perhaps a bus stop in the middle of nowhere at night.

Yea, I’m bit of a sucker for night maps. :v: But that’s just me! I just find that small simple maps have the tendency to grow, and are a perfect place to develop new mapping skills. I suggest taking a “photographic world tour”, on a site like Flickr and finding inspiration that really click in your head! And if you do need asistance I’m right here!

Make me a big roleplay map with um… every building you can go in and um… 24 story buildign with beaches and roads and a highway! also make a secret area for admins and a biiiiig skybox for helicopters, make a sewage system too and working elevators. And make hidden buttons!

I like your idea the most, to be honest. It has potential. Do you have any images that I could use?

I like your idea. It’s artistic, but, It’s just too little. A bus-stop on it’s own, or a lampost on it’s own will look silly.

Not entirely sure what this is. Do you have images?

Are you just purposely trolling?

Half-Life 1 themed maps

in other words:
desert, canyons, labs, underground, xen etc.

combine raiding an old research facility that serves as a massive bunker for humans.
resonance cascade all over again! (almost)

Doing a Bus shelter and a street lamp is a great way to start, I started off with what was going to be a corner shop, it turned into an abandoned public toilet.

By starting small you can expand a great deal, just try the bus shelter and street lamp next to a road, i guarantee you’ll expand it, whether that be by adding a park fenced off behind the shelter, a hospital or even a bus station. I’m planning to expand that small map into an entire city, obviously there’s things which can be ironed out in my one, e.g. light in the back alley is to green :v:

In short, just experiment.

Hmmm. If you say it could work then I guess I could try it. I’ll have a go tonight.

It would work, if not then oh well, just try looking at inspirational pictures from around the web, or try to get yourself in part of a mod development team who require maps.

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The map I showed you started as this by the way:


Going to get some ‘arty’ pictures tonight and try make something very detailed. Cheers for the inspiration. By the way, I love the photos. :slight_smile:

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How bout no :smiley:

Thanks babe, need any help or anything hit me up this weekend.

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No problem. And I probably will do <3

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Paddington station :v:

Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5
Pic 6

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