Mapping Inspirational Thread

Post content that inspires you to map. Videos, pictures, maybe music? etc.

It’s funny where inspiration can come from. I’ve been watching a lot of Cartoon Network lately, (don’t hate), and I noticed the show Steven Universe actually had really badass music. This and one other song got me imagining a really wild, experimental map idea. I’m hoping to have a testing version out this time next week.


I think if you remove the s from https in the video tag?

Sweet action! You’re right. Edited original with the player.

I’ve been inspired by shoegaze music lately. They’re really beautiful songs that are completely filled with noise and reverb. The music itself is really bold and unapologetic, but it retains a beautiful dreamy quality to it. One song I’ve been in love with lately is Z-Boys by The Raveonettes, while it’s not a true shoegaze song, it’s very close to one:

I’ve been taking these ideas and implementing them in my maps. Lately everything I make has fairly simple geometry but I go in with rough textures and ethereal lighting to give it a special punch.


Those colors are really cozy.

I enjoy this Goldsource Gold tumblr. It’s inspiring to see what such an old engine is capable of:[/t]

Those are incredible for Goldsource! Wow.

Aren’t one of those pictures from Cry of Fear?