Mapping issues.

For an RP server that I develop for, I’ve been working on a new map. It is called rp_sullust. I completed the map, although, I’ve had a few issues on the above-ground side of it with lighting and displacement.

This issue, seems to be coming up, with a brush that is aligned perfectly with the two next to it, and is just as wide and long.

Any ideas? If you can help, it’d be much appreciated.

Is it a displacement

No, it’s a flat brush at that point.

Is it any sort of entity?

Not that I know if, its just a single brush connected to the two surrounding it where you see those lines.

Here’s another image from farther out:

Are the surrounding brushes displacements?
If so select them, open the texture application tool, ctrl click the top faces, then press destroy.

Farther off, they are displaced, since the map is bordered by mountains. But I need those to remain there, although that certain area in the image is flat entirely (although it may look like its not from the shadows).

Basically you need to select the faces that you don’t see (a.k.a. the side touching the brush) and destroy them, through the displacement tab.

Alright. I’m trying to at the moment, but the sides of the two touching it aren’t actually visible when moving to it for some reason. Only that middle brush you see has visible sides for some reason.

EDIT: Nevermind, think I got it. Going to test now.

Alright, I did it, but it won’t seem to compile. After compiling, the map remains the same one as before all the changes. I saved, I deleted it from the maps folder and recompiled, tried everything basically.

It still remains the same one. Also, sorry for the double post, but I wanted to bump this.

PM me the vmf and I’ll see if I can fix it up for you.

offtopic: do something about dat roof

I had this issue once. I think it was something to do with Source rendering the shadows wrong of a brush with displacements and a brushwithout. Well, anyway, I deleted both brushes. Made them again. Destroyed the two touching faces and then made the one a displacement and it worked. Hope this helps!