Mapping + lua question

I’m posting this here as well as the lua section as it has to deal with both mapping and lua. I’m trying to create a function in lua that can tell when a prop is trying to be spawned within the map entity “func_wall_toggle”. The problem is, that if there are multiple func_wall_toggles and the mapper made them by selecting all the brushes he wanted and THEN turned them into entity then it is treated as one giant func_wall_toggle. If the mapper changed each one into a func_wall_toggle one by one then each one is treated as one individually. The reason this is a problem is because if it is one giant entity then it’s bounding box is giant. I’m wondering, is there anyways without remaking the map, that I can treat each func_wall_toggle as separate entities if they were made as one entity.

Here is my post from the lua section

So…you want one func_wall_toggle to act as multiple ones.

Short answer- No.

Long answer- Nope.

It kinda sucks that when you select multiple brushes in hammer and you turn them all into an entity that it treats it as one entity instead of tying each individual brush to an entity.
I assume it is more efficient that way though.

Consider it when you are making func_detail. You would end up with lots of individual func_details. Doors would be hell to rig, as they are not always one part.