Mapping Programs and Tutorials

I’m not sure whether this belongs here or anything so… Yeah
Anyway, I would like to make my own map, but I have absolutely no experience in the field, so if people could post relatively recent tutorials and recommend any good programs to use, I would be grateful.

I’ll be honest, the map that I would like to create is quite complex, but I’ll see how things go once I start on it

I found this one pretty decent as a “first timer” tutorial. You’ll have to look for specific tutorials later on (such as lighting tutorials, optimization, etc.)

Firegod also has some really good tutorials on his account as well:

Wow that was a quick reply
And thank you for your help, I’ll take a look

Do not try and do anything complex for your first map or you will get extremely angry and upset when things break. You really need to learn the tool well before you try something complex.

And I strongly suggest TopHATTWaffle over Philip any day. Philips tutorials are all right but he leaves out important details like after showing you how to make a sphere he doesn’t mention at all that you should func_detail it or you will get fucked over when you go to compile.

Awesome, thank you

EDIT: Fails to load from the SDK Menu properly, so should I use the Hammer.exe in Half Life 2 directory?

Don’t use the SDK launcher, either use the Hammer in the HL2 directory like you said, or use Wazanator’s multi-tool because he’s the best and Valve is bad at games.