Mapping progress I wanted to share

So I recently am getting out of a bad wave of Mappers Block and have made progress, going from the first pic (with shit lighting, fullbright, and a broken skybox) to the 2nd pic:[/media]




Yes, that is The Shard from Mirror’s Edge looming over the distance. As you can probably tell, I based a lot of the buildings from concept art and in-game pictures from ME. However, it still needs a shitload more optimization. The lighting is also natural, only 3 light entities used so far within the main mall complex (not shown)

Cliff notes:

-Got out of Mappers Block
-Made an entirely new street (Pic 1) that was once covered by a wall
-3D skybox is kickass and custom
-Buildings based off of Mirror’s Edge


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But there seems to be something wrong with the skybox. Doesn’t really go well with the lighting

the lighting direction is off, however that’s because I haven’t put in a light_Environment yet.


Well ok, nvm then

It’s still a month away from release, and even then I’m rushing it due to the community being a whiny ass. But yeah, as soon as I get all the optimization and geometry and gameplay in, I will focus on lighting. It’s decent right now so that’s why it’s on the backlog.

What kind of map is this? (roleplay, posing etc)

To be honest, I don’t get much of a Mirror’s Edge vibe from it. Personally I think the ME visual style is more noticeable during the day, orangey sunset lighting wouldn’t go all that well with the colours.

It’s a campaign map for L4D2 but it will be ported over to Gmod once it’s finished.

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I had the militia_hdr skybox for a while, but I wanted it to be kind of dark because the rest of the campaign is during the daytime.

It’s really blocky. Particularly the buildings. Try searching for images for interesting architecture on large structures to make them look more interesting. Also, don’t give them flat sides, make their silhouette interesting.