Mapping - Purple & Black BOXES HELP!

Hi, I made my own green texture so I can make a mini green screen map for MYSELF, and I compile use HL2 DM`s engine to compile the game and test it out, all was fine, even the green screen, but when I tried the map on Gmod, the Green Screen was purple and black, anybody help? I put my greenscreen vmt & vtf in vgui/logos of HL2DM

Why don’t you try materials/maps? That normally works for me :slight_smile:


Go to your desktop, and create a folder called “Gm_Greenscreen”.
Go find the materials for the map, and put them in that folder, and then put the BSP file in it.
Then create the Info.txt inside of it and make it an addon, and put it on your addons folder!

er… I don`t know how to make it an addon

I just basically hijacked this from another addon but here is the basic test you will use

“name” “GreenScreen”
“version” “1.0”
“up_date” “n/a”
“author_name” “nickbugun”
“author_email” “n/a”
“author_url” “n/a”
“info” “Green screen FTW”

"override"	"0"


Put that in a text file named “info.txt”
Put that text file in the folder you created by following Mat Richards instructions (couple post’s up)

okay ppl for all of you who dont know what the purple and black checkers are:
this means that you are missing the texture for whatever model you are looking at.for example if you were to play evocity with just HL2:DM which is what i do:the majority of things you will not have the texture for but you still see the model of the buildings.

oops sorry bout that last post diddnt read fist post