Mapping Question Megathread v3

Alright folks, just like the previous thread.

This thread is practically to help stop the constant fill of the mapping section with quick little questions which doesn’t need a new thread, also so the questions are easier to track. Mainly because people just usually fly by the sticky and post as if it was any other section rules.

Alright so leave your questions here, big or small, and we, the mapping community will attempt to solve your little conundrum.

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Seeming as I didn’t get to answer a few questions from the other thread because god knows why;

I believe it has a detailsprite.vtf so I would assume so.

I’ve had that happen with a carpet texture. Not necessarily rainbow, but purple particles when shooting a green carpet texture I had. Never figured out why.

Right extremly noob question , how do i achieve this

That was from the previous mega thread. I fixed it by checking compute reflectivity.

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Use the block light brush. Those windows are func_illusionary

How do i make realistic lighting for doors? So that when the door is open the light shines in, and when the door is closed it does’nt.

I’m working on a big desert map, and a few doors start open when the map is loaded. When i close the doors the light still shines in.

You can’t fix that. Its either lit, or not.

But i’ve seen it in a map, gm_cube_v1b. (from the cube movie) When you reach the edge and open the final door to get out, the light moves very smooth while the door is opening.

Or is that just some trick done with some entities?

He was probably using an env_projectedtexture an entity which creates dynamic light. Although its somewhat expensive, and you can only have one rendered on the screen at once.
You cannot use this for global lighting though.

How to make a dome?

I’ve read the developer page already. I was just hoping someome with more knowledge on the matter could verify which classname is appropriate for the circumstance.

You can use arches, or you can make it manually. They both will probably take a while to do.

Can’t twister make domes?

Yes, but they seem to become corrupted after saving then reloading the map.

quick question, how do i add working resuply lockers to my TF2 Map?

also is there any where that walks through all the specifics of making a TF2 map? such as adding team doors, capture points, Etc

Hint: When you create a resupply locker, turn of the shadows of the dynamic prop and cover it with a brush with the blocklight texture instead. Valve doesn’t do this but it looks really better with static shadows.

that’s awesome, thanks

now i have another problem, i set the locker to dynamic but it dosen’t appear in game


i’m trying to make a rocky passage using the geometry tool to make it look more natural, how do i put 2 brushes together and have them both move with the gemometry, such as on a corner or ramp

I have this really annoying clicking sound for the UI sounds in my Portal 2 mod, does anyone know why?

Edit: Fixed it, apparently you can’t have sounds that are less than a second long.

How could I use a logic_timer and a logic_case so it can fire random outputs, in this case play sounds, at random?

How can I tune lighting using a light_environment and a tonemap controller to get a bright sunset look?

Set the autoexposuremax and min somewhat high. Maybe bloom also.

for the logic_timer set it to