Mapping Question Megathread v5

Has anyone made and released arcade machines like these, or am I going to have to pull them from CSGO?

For stuff like this always search and gamebanana’s prefab section (yes - prefab, they somehow confused prefabs with compiled models)

I’ve been working on a project in CSGO since yesterday, suddenly out of buttfuck nowhere ALL props in my map are now pitch black, with only the environment map (reflections) showing ontop of the pitch black textures.
Ontop of that all sunlight shadows cast are oversaturated to the point of being in an insane contrast dark blue

All my light, shadow, and fog entities are perfectly fine - I’m confused as fuck because I haven’t touched them at all, and suddenly this happens?
Already tried a bunch of different things, not limited to but including:

  • Deleting my current light/shadow/fog entities and replacing them with unedited fresh ones
  • Cordoned off the entire map to a small area only including player spawn, props, displacement
  • Func_detailed a large structure that I thought may have been causing it, wasn’t the problem

Compile log as follows…

I have same issue after update. AMD graphics card crashing game and black models after compiling my maps.

My card’s an Nvidia GTX 970, haven’t had an update for about a week. This started happening literally about an hour ago out of the blue for me :pudge:

it’s from the latest op update. they made a bunch of changes to the sdk but fucked it up in the process. right now this is happening with all cs:go compiles and there is seemingly nothing you can do about it until valve decides to patch it

I guess that explains why some textures are blue for me now :v:

Is this entirely confirmed? Im not saying youre bullshitting but i want to be sure the problem is one entirely out of my hands before i stop trying to find a solution.
Im unsure when the sdk updated for Wildfire in relation to when this happened

My CS:GO Sdk was also acting differently, I don’t use it often so I can’t be sure though.
In the future you should version your map files, so you can go back and be 100% certain it was or wasn’t something you did.

Try full compile. But now compiled maps can be broken by bad SDK, so I’ll wait for a patch.

– Detail sprites (like grass) have been improved so many more can be rendered for much cheaper.

What does it mean? Detail sprites like in older games now working in CS:GO or static props will be rendered smoothly (better option - dynamic shadows…)? But… why not all static props, only grass? I saw cs_grass shader in shaders folder. How can I use a new grass shader?

Out of curiosity, does anyone know if there’s a way to compile map static props with shadowmaps as opposed to per vertex for games other than TF2? I know the option is there, just can’t find it elsewhere.

(most notably for gmod/sfm)

How can you see the limit of everything. for example the brush limit. And how can you see how many you currently have?

From Valve wiki

If you use visgroups to hide point entities then select all remaining objects you should see you total below the grid area

Hey is it possible to pakrat the jpg and radar inside my csgo map so that my radar works and my loading screen looks nice?
And if its possible how would one do this.

I am able to make the radar/loading screen work with putting them in the right csgo folder but when I try to pakrat them in it just doesnt work.
Is it just not possible or (hopefully) am I doing something wrong and is there a right way to do it? (workshop isnt what im looking for in an anwser)

Shouldnt you be able to put them into the .bsp with Pakrat or whatever packing tool the same way as materials, aslong as you keep the folder structures intact?

Any other way to see current amount?

not unless you do a quick compile and view the brush count in the log

I tried this but without luck maybe you can try it? Maybe im doing something wrong

Shit’s happening to me too but you’ll notice the hl2 lab lamp props show up fine.

Your shadows are also fine :0
what light/shadow giving entities are you using?

I’m no expert on CSGOs real-shadow stuff, but I just threw in a light_directional and an env_cascade_light along with my light_environment and env_fog_controller in my map