Mapping Question Megathread v5

Just a question: Is it possible to use cs:s prefabs on cs go maps or is that impossible?

Something that i never understood, is how to combine textures properly. Like what ones to use below the generic brick texture to make it pop out, or what to use for windows…
Are there any resources for this? All these years and my methods never change.

I want to finish my long term gmod map (hiatus for the past 3ish years) but don’t know if it’s worth it anymore. Do people still play gmod much? Would my map really warrant a release? I’ve always put a high level of polish and optimisation into it, so I know it won’t be shit but will I just be wasting my time now?

Gmod still has plenty of players. If it really is good, then release it. Not like anything bad can come of it.

That’s good enough for me :v: I’ll have to boot up my other computer over the next month or 2 and buckle down to get it finished.
From memory there’s a fair bit to do but most of it isn’t the mapping, more of the modelling and scripting side.

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Are there any defacto standard capture the flag/team deathmatch gamemodes in gmod? Or at very least a standard team-based player spawn entity that gamemodes use?

Is there a way to get a blurred envmap reflection? I know you can use phong on vertex materials to get nice soft reflections but is there any way to do something like that with brush materials?

If you wanted to have a train in your map that can be turned on and off only for the server owner, how would one do this?

Is there anyway to tie a rcon command to spawn and remove a tracktrain for example?

Any other ideas welcome

I have a prblem with a few shadows on my map the appear strange

I tried to edit the light environment and there is no leak, without the 3d skybox the shadows the same.

Can anybody help?

Do you have any flashing lights? If you do, remove them and recompile.

On a related note, the reason I actually came to this thread: Is there a way to illuminate the surrounding area when env_sparks is firing, without using a flashing light?

Don’t give lights names.

ok so i’ve been having a problem with one of the windows in my map
in-game it looks like this

in the editor it looks like this

You could use an env_sprite to make it look like the area is illuminated. If decals or overlays had enable/disable capability, i would suggest you use that, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Maybe you can make some brushwork overlay the surrounding brushes that enables/disables, with some kind of brighter, transparent texture to make it look like the area around is illuminated?

Well if your map is intended to be played without noclip then you could always have the admin room approach.

worked, but how to trigger them without a name?

csgo engine doesn’t support lights with names or any special light effects.

This could be a long-shot

Has anyone seen this door model anywhere before?

This is from gm_submerge. I attempted to extract the door through pakrat, but it shows up without the handle and I don’t see any model files for the handle either, only texture files.

Workshop page for the map says it originally came from this guy’s map, but the game it was made for is SiN Episodes: Emergence, where the model probably comes from.

Weird, I decompiled it from that source as well and I still couldn’t find the model for the handle.

The handle is likely a body group of the door itself.

Hello, just a couple questions from a noob mapper, working on my second map for TTT:

1: How do traitor testers work? Im using a trigger_multiple, connected to ttt_logic_role, which connects to 2 lights (green, red) and 2 ambient_generic’s(Tsound, Innosound). The ttt_logic_role checks if the trigger_multiple has a T in it for an “OnPass output” where other roles are “OnFail output”. However, when a T is tested, the OnFail will still trigger with the Onpass, activating both Inno and T sounds and lights. How do I make it so that the OnFail is never activated unless theres actually an inno?

Heres a little “Diagram” of how the I/O looks
Onpass TesterRedlight TurnOn
Onpass TesterTsound PlaySound
Onpass TesterRedlight TurnOff (5)
Onpass TesterTsound StopSound (5)
Onfail TesterGreenLight TurnOn
Onfail TesterInnoSound Playsound
Onfail TesterGreenlight Turnoff (5)
Onfail TesterInnosound Stopsound (5)

2: How can I make the ttt_game_text only display to the activator, or the closest player near it?

Thanks in advance!