Mapping question

I am attempting to make a D day map I want to make a boat destructable. Is there any way I can make it look like a Higgins boat here is an example I am taking a maping request from HHcheese.

you would have to model it, then simulate physics on it, put that into a keyframed animation, then export the animation, and tell the model to animate when it takes damage. That is the only clean way to destroy a boat without dropping FPS to 5. (But if you didn’t mind the 5 fps, you could just put a ton of clips into a premade brush-boat, then have it apply physics when damaged)

Oh god I’ll try.

there was a tutorial for doing it in the XSI mod tool, let me see if I can pull up the link…

found it!

Damn I don’t think thats what I thought like destructable as in dynamic say Break ship have you seen that map?


And how would I make my own textures?

What is XSI?

Those were a bunch of func_breakables

Oh Ok thanks!