Mapping question

I am new here, so if I posted this question in the wrong forum I apologize. My question is I am wanting to create a role playing map. When creating houses and buildings I want to if I create the homes and businesses in hammer itself or do I use another program and import this into hammer. And what is the easiest method of creating a map? I would also know how I would build roads in this program. Is there any over programs to create maps? I appreciate any response. Thanks

  • bedsidebug

for the most part you would use hammer.

only reason for an external program would be for custom models, textures, etc.
you really should read/watch some tutorials on how to make maps.

What about Sgt. Sickness and his evocity maps. Buildings are amazing, surely either he’s a master at hammer or he uses something else

Master of hammer.

You might have more luck if you post here instead:

Thank you for redirecting me to the proper forum. I will post my inquiries there next time.