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I was wondering if it is possible to combine two of my .vmf file maps together if so how would I do it?
I am trying to connect 2 maps I have made


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You can open 2 maps at once in Source SDK. In the top tab go to windows and select the map you want to copy and copy the entire thing (or at least what you want of it) and paste it into the other map you made by going to windows>(yourmap).vmf and pasting it in there :wink:



Hm can you be more specific Im kinda getting confused in Hammer

Whatever you do, don’t accidentally leave a map open behind the current and forget about it, this will slow Hammer.


Also you can have multiple Hammers open as long as they are for different games, and different maps open in one Hammer window. Don’t know of a limit.

I think it is preferred you don’t though. Because that would slow the comp down too. But yeah you know at the top of every application there is a tool bar? Well, every time you open another map it is opened in a new window. So when you open another map, go to the top bar. You will see an option called windows. Click that and all the windows will show up. Select the one with your map name and now you can go from map to map. Hope this helped!

Cool thanks, now is it possible to just completely everything except the basic structure of the map? Like I messed up alot and just want to start off with the shape of the map no npcs or anything… how would I do that quickly without having to delete everything 1 by 1?


I want to remove everything but the map

Open the map, click map>entity report. Then select everything in the list, then delete them.


Actually, that will delete brush entities too… Don’t do that.

Go to the visgroups toolbar (on the right, by default), click the “auto” tab, disable all the options that involve brushes, then select everything on the mapping grid and delete it.

Thanks man!

What do you mean by selecting everything on the mapping grid and deleting it? I did it and it deleted everything :S - NEVER MIND I FIGURED IT OUT! :slight_smile:

Why do I keep getting this same end result? I have tried over and over but I cannot figure out what is causing this…

Cube Maps

use them:

place an env_cubemap in your level and then when the game is running type into the console “buildcubemaps” and if the problem persists restart the game and load the level back up.

Better explanation:

Copy pasting brushes+entities together seems to cause an offset on one of them.
Try defining a skip textured brush around your whole level to be copied. Now visgroup out all the entities, select everything, copy + paste it. Now make the skip brush into a custom visgroup, call it skip. Visgroup out all the brushes, but then re-enable skip. Select everything, copy pate and align the skip textured brushes in the new map.

Why does that remind me of the train-station map in HL2?

Because all of the models are the same as the models from the HL2 train station level and it uses the same textures, and the lighting is almost identical?

I love you guys :slight_smile: Also I am just learning/practicing thanks for all your help guys

And we love you :smug:

:open_mouth: Thats great to know. Also jesus christ your avatar is lol-worthy