Mapping Question

Why does my map look full bright in Garrysmod when in HL2 it is normal lighting?

Try changing the lights properties and place. That’s the only thing I can think of.

“mat_fullbright 0” in console?

Ill try both


Could it be that I compiled it on fast mode?


No, Unless you set VRAD to none.
Fast Rad just makes less light traces. (Lower quality lighting but alot faster)

I just can’t understand why after I compile and it runs Half Life 2 it looks like intended but in GMOD it is fullbright and when I put mat_fullbright 0 nothing happens

Did you put sv_cheats 1 first?

Ah! I didn’t will I have to do this every time I want my map to work properly?

Nope the mat_fullbright thing happens when your previous map was fullbright.



Nothing happened still :{

Try opening your map in the Ep2 version of Hammer, then compiling.

Well I made it in the HL2:Episode - Half Life 2 and it has been working fine, but when I open it in The Orange Box - HL2 Ep2 engine and I run a quick compile for the log and run it through a error checker and I get a bunch of errors that I previously did not have. Maybe I need to compile completely or something. I really need some help I am really confused

Post your compile log.

Which one the old or new one?

The one not working.
or both.

Not only less traces, but no bounce calculations. It also screws with displacement lighting causing shadow banding around the edge of displacements. Fast VVis should also be avoided ideally, if you need it to get a decently short compile, you’re probably doing something wrong.

SO I started this map on the HL2 Ep1 - HL2 Engine for Gmod I have to use the newer one? HL2-EP2?

Besides me not understanding a word of that really.

Garry’s mod uses the ep2 engine, it can load ep1 engine maps but I suggest using the ep2 engine to make a map.

Oh I see, but when I open my map in GMOD it comes out full bright for some reason but when I run it in Half Life 2 it’s perfect :S