Mapping Question?

I just started mapping, and it came sort of easily to me (being an artist in real life…:P).
So anyway, I figured out how to make a map pre-loaded with NPCs and ammo and stuff like that (entities),
But here’s my question: I’m making an elegant, peaceful, park map…and want to add a few sweeping vortigaunts…

Also we have 2 mega threads for Mapping Questions.

There is an act busy for sweeping vortiguant I think. I know half-wit had a tut for it but iirc half wit is down.

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OR It’s back up! look there

Nah I couldn’t find it on there Jakobi.

Yeah I just looked I couldn’t either. I swear I saw one somewhere. I’ll check interlopers then the dev wiki.

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Boom interlopers.

Thanks, I’ll try this as best I can…