Mapping Questions.

I had a few queries, i am making my first map.

  1. If i have custom textures, how do i keep them with it if i upload the map?
  2. How do i make a cliff face, all steep and jagged?
  3. How do i create un-even ground, not just a flat block?

Thank you in Advance.

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  1. Whats Packrat?
  2. Ok, i want to make a cliff, and high mountains, to stop players.
  3. Displacements? Explain?

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Thanks a heap.

  1. Packrat them
  2. My English isn’t good.
  3. Displacements


Number 2 the answer is also displacements.


I suggest looking at them in that order.

Oh another question

  1. How do i get a sunlight like source of light?

light_environment; it makes all tools/skybox textured faces emit light as the sky does.

A useful guide to setting for different standard valve skyboxes can be found here: